Reflective Summary of ‘Digital Visitors’ & ‘Digital Residents’

Having read through several of my colleagues’ post, I was able to gain a deeper insight into the differences between a ‘visitor’ and a ‘resident’. It also made me realize that hey, I’m not the only one who is a culprit of being an “in-between”! Being a selective ‘visitor’ or ‘resident’ is very commonly found … More Reflective Summary of ‘Digital Visitors’ & ‘Digital Residents’

Topic 1 – ‘Digital Visitors’ vs ‘Digital Residents’

The modern digital age has shaped individuals, young or old, to be proficient in technology. Prensky’s framework generalized the older generation who were less exposed to technology as ‘digital immigrants’ while ‘digital natives’ were used to label the younger generation who grew up with technology. While it seems to be a trend that the older generation is slowly but surely … More Topic 1 – ‘Digital Visitors’ vs ‘Digital Residents’