The Final Post

12 days. 12 days was all it took for me to realise the importance in keeping my online profile professional and to use the web responsibly. This is by far the only module which has taught me beyond the learning objectives. Here’s a summary of what I have been working on, enjoy!

Prior to starting this module, a self-evaluation was done to assess my digital literacy. I would say, there was a tremendous improvement!


LinkedIn has since been termed an electronic CV. Previously, my LinkedIn profile was almost bare. There was no profile picture, no job experiences, nothing. It was only at Intermediate. However I took a leap in strengthening my profile to increase my chances of employability, and also to grow connections with professionals in the respective fields.

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I will participate in the online communities by reading and commenting on their posts. Who knows I may be scouted from this platform for any available job openings?

wordpress word.png

As mentioned in the self-test, this is my first attempt to blog after much contemplation. WordPress has given me the greatest exposure these 12 days. From learning to put thoughts into words, to picking up new skills using online tools like Canva, Powtoon, Piktochart and now Moovly, and even participating in discussions by commenting on my colleagues’ blog posts. Blogging isn’t just about writing chunks of words. I learnt that visuals will also increase the value of my digital portfolio. Interestingly, creating infographics and videos actually required me to get my creative juices flowing! These were the things that never appealed to me before.

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I will probably continue blogging in the area of my interest – dance. It may not help in my professional career, but it does reach out to others who share the same passion as I do. I can blog about the different dance techniques which I have learnt and perhaps how I maintain my relationship with my dance partner. I not only can establish myself in this field, I learn how to express the art of dance into words and eventually become a better writer. Here‘s one of the blogs I follow!

twitter word.png

Twitter has never quite appealed to me even before this module started. I had an account previously, filled with Astrology tweets and tweets from my friends. For this module, I created an entirely new account, adding my classmates, lecturers, and even news accounts. I could gather swift news from my classmates who tweeted me regarding a blog post, using the hashtag #mang2049 made it a breeze to gather all the tweets related to it.

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fb and insta.png

Facebook and Instagram are the two social media platforms I am most active in. I have always been extra careful with my accounts’ security and privacy settings. Topic 2 reiterated the importance to prevent against online identity theft and other potential threats. It urged me to check if my details were updated and the security settings I made many years back are still in place. In a couple of months’ time, I will have to start sourcing for an internship company. “Spring cleaning” these accounts came just in time!

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Moving forward, I will definitely continue to improve on my digital literacy and develop self-branding skills. This module helped me gained a deeper insight to the digital world. Topic 5 was a topic that impacted me the most as I have never seen it from the content producer’s perspective. Moreover, it goes to show how reliant we are on technology.

Special thanks to Dr Lisa, Sarah, and Dr Nic for your patience and guidance through this journey. Do keep in touch! 🙂

Links to my social media profiles:

Facebook, Twitter, WordPress

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