Reflective Summary on Free vs Fee

I admit I am one of those who have taken open access on the web for granted. The drawbacks which content producers meet with have never crossed my mind until this topic was introduced.

Zoey’s comment on my post sparked off some thoughts on how these content producers can “protect” their work yet at the same time continue to share their creations. Kaye’s post showed an example of how she would safeguard her image through watermarking. It led me to further my search on other effective measures that can be taken.

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Another topic which intrigued me was from Xinhui’s post. She mentioned how Youtubers were also content producers and can even build a career path through the Youtube platform. Little did it occur to me that we are content producers too (not in a professional way), perhaps create content informally? This brings me to another point on how open access allows informal learning – an unofficial, unscheduled, impromptu way we learn to do a job. (Jay Cross, 2016)

To conclude, reading my colleagues’ posts has influenced me to lean towards supporting open access. The cons for a content producer to make their work freely available online are inevitable. However if users play a part in crediting while content producers adopt the necessary measures to protect their creations, I believe this concept would be a long term benefit to everyone in this digital world.

I’ve commented on Shafiq’s and Rebecca’s posts.


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