Topic 3 – An Electronic Version of a CV


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In today’s business world, gone were the days of submitting a text document of your CV! It is no longer enough to differentiate yourself from your competition. The “world’s largest professional social media network” – LinkedIn, has impacted recruiting functions so much so that it pops up in mind once ‘online professional profile’ is mentioned.  Linking back to my post in Topic 2, more than 90% potential employers review a candidate’s social profile has part of the screening process.

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Why is it so important to develop an online professional profile and how can it be done?

Apart from the fact that job recruiters are beginning adopt this method of selection, it is also an avenue for individuals to sell their career stories, creating a way to advertise you as a brand by improving image and reputation, and stay ahead of competition.  This is termed as personal marketing.  LinkedIn is just one of the most important tools to portray your professional self. To market yourself better, use appropriate keywords on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tool to attract recruiters and professionals to your profile. Potential employers pore over social media sites for the best fit using Google and Applicant Tracking Systems – a software application system that handles recruitment.

Personally, my LinkedIn profile isn’t close to being established as my experiences only include temporary and contracted jobs. Employers may not even count them as an experience so having a professional blog would be a better alternative to put myself out there. Through blogging, it allows one to articulate thoughts into words which hone communication and writing skills. You not only develop a professional profile, you will also be developing interpersonal skills where employers place high priority on. Another benefit would be to make powerful connections with fellow professionals who share similar interests and passion. If blogging can aid you in building a community of professionals online, why not?

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Summing up, you may use all the ways listed above to create an online professional profile. However bear in mind that LinkedIn and blogging may not be the only platforms your potential employers look into! A simple Google search would bring anyone to your Facebook, Twitter, and other accounts. Therefore it will be good to “detox” all social media networks to make sure you leave the right online impression and of course, develop an authentic online professional profile.

Allow me to end off with a video on the importance of having an online professional profile.

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3 thoughts on “Topic 3 – An Electronic Version of a CV

  1. Hi Klarrisa,

    I agree with you that blogging is definitely a good platform for fresh graduates, like us, to display our strength.

    You mentioned that ”A simple Google search would bring anyone to your Facebook, Twitter, and other pages”. However, looking at the wider picture, it’s not as easy as it is. Candidates with similar name may land on the same page, resulting in confusion to the employers. Employers may not be able to locate the “real” profile. – Hence, how would an employer know if he is looking through a correct profile? I particularly like the idea from rebecca’s blog “linking you profiles together” (Rebecca Blog:; Source: In this way, with access to the blog, employer will be directed to the various profile of the candidate.

    Side thought.. isn’t it a bit time consuming and tiring to consistently update a blog? I might consider twitter instead because its shorter!


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