Reflective summary on having more than one online identity


As mentioned in my previous post, I am pro multiple online identities to protect my privacy. However from the comments and posts, it has struck me a few thoughts on it.

Jacinda’s post gave me an insight to having a single identity. Despite having a different take from her, I stand firm on my position of having multiple identities as I will not want to compromise my social life for a more professional view of my social media networks. Taking for example I just applied for a job and I am one who is not bothered to private my social networking profiles, I will have to go through the hassle of screening my profile, deleting posts or pictures to avoid taking any risks that the company will not hire me. Being “transparent” towards future employers is just one aspect, it does not necessarily mean that it is the ‘real’ us that we are putting out.

In reference to Karise’s post, she mentioned about having 4 different accounts in a social platform for instance, Twitter. These accounts were created for different purposes and to target at niche audiences (Casserly, 2011). At the same time, having large number of followers for each online personality can result in a negative social consequence  as people often spread themselves too thin.  The consequences may include sharing too much personal information which will in turn pose threats to the user. Prior to reading, this consequence has never occurred to me.

Currently I use a very primitive way of protecting the different social networks that I have. The information I have learnt attributed to a better understanding towards managing my online identities. Summing up, on top of being responsible for our own social accounts, I am definitely looking forward to the advancement in creating tools that can help us better manage multiple identities online.

You may review my comments on Jacinda‘s and Karise‘s posts! See you in the next topic, ciao!


Multiple Personalities And Social Media: the Many Faces of Me




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