Reflective Summary of ‘Digital Visitors’ & ‘Digital Residents’

Having read through several of my colleagues’ post, I was able to gain a deeper insight into the differences between a ‘visitor’ and a ‘resident’. It also made me realize that hey, I’m not the only one who is a culprit of being an “in-between”! Being a selective ‘visitor’ or ‘resident’ is very commonly found among my colleagues’, and this trend is beginning to show among the older generation too. This is where White’s model comes in place as it allows a more flexible approach and  it corrects the stereotype (Prensky’s framework).

Another point made in Jiajiun’s post which I found very relatable was privacy issues on social media platforms. It reminded me again why I am skeptical about posting and sharing on the Internet. The advancement in technology has indeed brought convenience and efficiency to our daily lives but on the other hand, it compromises our security which leads to several implications. Therefore, regardless of one being a ‘visitor’ or a ‘resident’, every individual has to be aware of the potential threats and think twice before posting anything online.

This online interaction with my colleagues’ has also helped me learn a little more about them like the different thoughts they possess. I also found some who are slaves to technology!

Wrapping up, below is a video I would like to share – the older generation are indeed learning the use of smartphone technology! They feel that it is important to bridge the technology gap to keep up with the ever-changing world.

You may review my comments on Charissa‘s and Jiajiun‘s posts!

Have a great weekend ahead and we’ll check back on the next topic soon. Ciao!


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