The Final Post

12 days. 12 days was all it took for me to realise the importance in keeping my online profile professional and to use the web responsibly. This is by far the only module which has taught me beyond the learning objectives. Here’s a summary of what I have been working on, enjoy! Prior to starting … More The Final Post

Topic 5 – Free vs Fee

Let’s start off with an introduction of what Open Access is! Standing from my perspective as a student, the revolution in education makes Open Education (OE) essential as it offers teaching and learning resources which are free of cost, access barriers and has legal permission for open use. Picture yourself writing this post and having … More Topic 5 – Free vs Fee

Reflective Summary on Online Ethicality

There are endless discussions to this topic! My colleagues’ posts intrigued me to think deeper about their views on the ethicality use of social media. Zoey’s post explored astroturfing. She mentioned how “persona management” software was used by companies to facilitate the use of multiple online personas to mislead the public. A further research on … More Reflective Summary on Online Ethicality

Topic 4 – Do you think it is ethical for organizations to incorporate user generated content?

(Source: Image by me, information from link) Before discussing the ethical implications which social media has on an organization, let us first discuss what exactly is ethics? The definition of ethics is hard to pin down and often lingers in the grey area. Jay Shepherd claims that it’s as simple as knowing the right thing … More Topic 4 – Do you think it is ethical for organizations to incorporate user generated content?

Reflective Summary of Electronic Curriculum Vitae

(Source: Google)  This topic typically leads one to think of LinkedIn, and several of my colleagues have given recurring ideas on how to boost their platform. However, I felt that developing an authentic online professional profile doesn’t just revolve around revamping an individual’s LinkedIn. Therefore I decided to explore a little more on the importance … More Reflective Summary of Electronic Curriculum Vitae

Topic 3 – An Electronic Version of a CV

(Source: Information from link) In today’s business world, gone were the days of submitting a text document of your CV! It is no longer enough to differentiate yourself from your competition. The “world’s largest professional social media network” – LinkedIn, has impacted recruiting functions so much so that it pops up in mind once ‘online … More Topic 3 – An Electronic Version of a CV